Mad Wave Long Safety Cord Black/Red - 5.4 - 14.1kg
Mad Wave Long Safety Cord Black/Red - 5.4 - 14.1kg
Mad Wave Long Safety Cord Black/Red - 5.4 - 14.1kg
Mad Wave Long Safety Cord Black/Red - 5.4 - 14.1kg

Mad Wave Long Safety Cord Black/Red - 5.4 - 14.1kg

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The Mad Wave long bungee cords are officially labeled as 'long safety cords' but they're more commonly referred to as stretch cords, resistance cords or pool bungee cords. The stretchy bungee style rope provides resistance for swimmers in their training sessions at the pool. Most commonly used for resisted swim out and speed assisted swim back exercises.

What Are "Stretch Cords" Used For?

These stretch cords are fantastic tools for resistance training in the pool. Simply attach it to your waist with a belt , and attach the other end to the starting blocks and you're training with resistance! Swim coaches like to use this type of tool to teach swimmers about their stroke technique, as well as using them to build power, strength, and stamina.

Using the stretch cords to focus on stroke technique will reveal the dead spot in the "catch" phase of your stroke straight away because any slip ups will cause you to be pulled backwards in the constant tug-of-war battle between swimmer and resistance cord. The cord is always pulling you backwards, so it's up to you to push against the resistance to maintain the same position.

Why Is It Named "Safety Cord"?

Well, in the centre of this 6 meter stretch cord is an internal 'safety core', which means that the cords lock-out at their full stretch (around 20m) and will not stretch any further. This safety core prevents the stretch cord from tearing so that you can keep using it in confidence!


This cord is 6 meters long and is stretchable up to 20 meters, the cord has an internal safety core that prevents it from tearing.

With a resistance rating of 5.4-14.1Kg this cord is ideal for experienced adult swimmers, and triathletes who are looking to boost their strength and endurance.

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