Arena R-Evo One Jammer - Grey / Bright Orange


Size: 22
LE 2,900

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With advanced hydrodynamics, a second-skin feel and unrestricted movement, the power of Powerskin R-EVO One Grey and Orange jammers lies in its simple design. 
Arena's latest men’s racing swimsuit is engineered with a single piece of fabric and one bonded seam at the back. 
Its unique construction offers uniform compression and elasticity so you feel at one with the water. Cut from a high-tech lightweight fabric of fine woven yarn, Powerskin R-EVO One absorbs little water, effectively reducing drag and improving glide. 
These competition jammers streamline from below the waist to above the knees and are easy to put on and take off. 
Experiencing the advantage of a tech suit on race day has never been so easy.


  • Enhanced comfort
  • Advanced Hydrodynamics
  • Easy To Put On
  • Created With One Piece Of Fabric


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