Najade Sprint

Najade Sprint

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bifin type
Shoe size Shoe inner Fin
length (mm)
width (mm)
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2 37-39 5-7 4,5-6 4,5-6 240 80 410 205
3 40-42 7-9 6,5-8 6,5-8 245 83 440 225
4 43-45 10-12 9-10,5 9-10,5 270 90 490 245
  • In general the SPRINT fins enable faster swimming than SPEED type does, but you need more energy to maintain the higher speed with SPRINT type. We can not give you exact rule for your choosing because your best type is depend on your personal abilities, feeling, training level, racing strategy, etc.
        According to our experiences in case of the racings of men and/or short distances (50, 100 m) the usage of the SPRINT fins are more and more successful. On the other hand many references show when the usage of SPEED fins give better results. We recommend you to try both types (SPEED and SPRINT) and decide which one is better for you.
    Underwater hockey and rugby

        NAJADE fins are the one of the best choice for underwater hockey and rugby players also: they provide similar fast or faster swimming speed such as fins with larger blade, but their smaller size allows very good maneuverability.
    Basically SPRINT (and UW) fins are the best choice for underwater hockey and rugby players, because these types provide the highest acceleration and speed in short distances. On the other hand SPEED type can be a good alternative - depending on individual capabilities - because its usage is less tiring.
        NAJADE fins are excellent and professional tools for training of swimmers also: to improve leg and dolphin style swimming technique and to strengthen the legs.
    The SPRINT fins are recommended for shorter, intensive strengthening trainings, because their usage requires more energy than in case of SPEED model.
    CMAS compatibility
        NAJADE fins are usable in any finswimming championships under responsibility of CMAS.
    Attention: The original factory made NAJADE fins are allowed to use in championships only. Any kind of homemade modification is not allowed!

    • We suggest you put on the fins upside down because in this way you can increase the swimming speed significantly.
      Wet the fins and wet and soap your feet before putting on the fins. Catch the rear strap with two hands to pull onto your heel.
      Do not expose your fins to sunlight for a longer time because UV radiation reduces their lifetime.

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