Finis Agility Hand Paddles
Finis Agility Hand Paddles

Finis Agility Hand Paddles

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Stay Palm Positive with the strapless Finis Agility Paddles. An essential item for your training bag.

These innovative paddles help Olympic level swimmers train and perfect their stroke – have a go yourself and see why they are so widely trusted and loved!

The ergonomically advanced design of the Finis Agility Paddles helps teach swimmers the correct palm positive hand position.

Comfortable thumb hole creates proper hand placement with thumb and fingers in ideal position.

Due to the paddles strapless design, incorrect technique will cause the paddle to fall off the swimmer's hand actively teaching the swimmer correct palm positioning.

Ergonomic shape is designed to fit the natural contour of the hand

Early catch convex design encourages paddle to have increased traction with the water and reminds the swimmer to maintain an early vertical forearm position.

Versatile paddle works for all 4 strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Not only are the Agility Paddles durable, but the absence of straps makes them more comfortable for the swimmers and easier for coaches, who no longer have the hassle with replacing broken straps during practice.

Available in sizes small, medium and large.

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