Finis Posture Trainer
Finis Posture Trainer

Finis Posture Trainer

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Don't swim hard, swim smart!

The "FINIS Posture Trainer" is a swim training tool that promotes correct position for the head and spine. Head and spine alignment is a key factor in achieving an efficient swim stroke.  If you're swimming more effciently you're conserving energy, allowing you to swim further, and faster, for longer!


FINIS Posture trainer


When secured to the back of the head, the FINIS posture trainer device is virtually undetectable. When the swimmer exceeds the optimal posture range the device becomes detecable. This type of live feedback allows the swimmer to make instant adjustments to their head position and spine alignment, improving their swimming with every stroke.  Keeping the head in the correct position throughout all of the swimming motion corrects the spinal slignment, which elevates the hips, leading to a decrease in drag and an increase in kick propulsion!  The FINIS posture trainer is a highly versatile, and yet inredibly simple tool that can be used in all four swimming strokes and fits comfortably with or without goggles.


Proper Alignment

Almost completely undetectable until the swimmer goes beyond the recommended posture range

Turn Technique

Stops a lifted head position prior to flip turns (tumble turns) or open turns.

Instant Feedback

Provides tactile cues to inform the swimmer of incorrect head position.

Ergonomic Contours

Fits securely to head with minimal water resistance.

Stroke Efficiency

Improves body alignment to decrease drag and increase kick propulsion.

Correct Breathing Motion

Reinforces proper breathing technique for butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle.

Versatile Fit

Can be worn with or without goggles. One size fits all.

All Four Swim Strokes

Assists with technique fo butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.


Posture trainer FINIS

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